Voci d’Estate

Voci d’Estate is a unique two-week summer course held in Italy for singers and pianists, focusing on the abilities of both performers to express, as actors, the texts of the songs and arias before performing the music, thus ensuring precise understanding of the texts and discovering colors and intensities that deepen the artistry of the final musical performance.

The distinguishing feature of a fine singing artist is the way in which the text, whether libretto of an opera or the poem of an art song, is painted. The technique of singing has as its end the expression in sound of the words.

Voices of Summer participant performance

Voci d’Estate is for those operatic performers who feel the need to take their performance to a deeper, more authentic level. The course focuses on the language and music of Italy and Italian composers but is not strictly limited to that repertory. The goal is cultural, dramatic and musical fluency. This is achieved by daily immersion in Italian language and culture, recitation of texts both in individual arias and in scenes, and the kinesthesis that develops between movement, recitation and singing. Coaching in musical and dramatic values and voice production are offered as adjuncts. Students have the opportunity to sing in two public concerts.

Travel to and from Verona

Students are responsible for the flights to Italy. Book your flights as early as possible, as the prices for flights increase sharply in April and May

Students can either fly to Milan or Venice and take the train to Verona, for Verona is nearly equidistant from either city. Venice is slightly closer to Verona, and the airport is closer to the train station, but flights to Venice are often more expensive than those to Milan.

There are flights directly to Verona from several major European cities, but, again, these tend to be more expensive. You might wish to explore Ryanair which has a cheap flight from London to Brescia. There is a bus from Brescia to Verona.

Most flights arriving from the US involve a change of airplane at a European hub,thus most flights land Milan or Venice in the late morning or early afternoon. Some coordination of flight arrivals will be necessary in order for us to meet your individual flights.

Departures back to the US typically leave early in the morning, so please try to book flights according to the train schedule from Verona to either major airport. August 1st is a Saturday, and trains do not run nearly as often as they do on weekdays.